Absolutely You Need a Website

February 24, 2020
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I can’t believe the debate I just witnessed on Twitter. There are people saying you don’t need a website because people can reach you on social media. Are you for real??? Aside from the fact that WE don’t own our social media contacts, how is that a viable solution to maintain contact with clients via socials? Any of the top social media platforms could go belly up tomorrow and your primary method of attracting your clients is GONE, like POOF. What do you do then??

Here are 3 REASONS you DO need a website.

      1. You own your web presence

        So you spend hours every day on social media speaking with clients, selling products/services and you have hopefully found where the majority of your customers live. That is a good thing, not driving them to your website and owning that contact isn’t. There is space for all of us online and our website is our 24-hour store. No matter what we sell, our customers look for us to have a website. Without a website, you lack authority which leads me to …..

        Blue Host

      2. That domain which helps you build authority

        Now that you have considered a website, you need to buy that domain. That yourbusiness.com lets your customers know you are serious about your business. You have established yourself by giving your business a real spot online. You have a name and you own it. Sure you have made major connections on your social media platforms BUT have you been able to successfully drive that traffic to your website and UPSELL your customer.

      3. Building that email list

        Did you know you can sign up for a FREE account at MailChimp, MailerLite or even ConvertKit!!! YES for free. Some have limitations BUT if you are just starting out you will have NO issue taking advantage of one of the mentioned services. You see, building that email list of subscribers leads to people you can ALWAYS sell to. No algorithm changes will keep you from reaching your subscriber. This is where your REAL money is. You should aspire to have this important list of contacts.
        MailerLite email marketing for small business

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      And that was just three and hundreds more reasons why you NEED a website. There is NO reason why you shouldn’t. If you find yourself in need of a web professional, I’m here to creatively design your web presence. Get started {HERE}

      Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you sign up based on my recommendation, I’ll get a credit. YAY!!!! Thank You.

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WPD Media

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