3 reasons why your landing page is your most valuable marketing page

February 11, 2020
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You know that one product everyone asks you for or that information you know so well that you have people picking your brain AND you don’t have time to answer such!! YEAH, that’s why you need that landing page.

According to Zapier,

“Landing pages are actually individual web pages designed to promote one product or service and capture leads that are interested in it, with stats and analytics to help you see how your page is performing.”

Use that landing page to build authority, capture attention & grab that email address, and convert your visitors into winning customers.

Share your expertise and build authority

Are you writing a book, creating new products, launching a membership platform or even better teaching a course, create a page that will help you build authority and share your knowledge. Your visitors want to trust you and a landing page will be the first place your visitors will come to and learn about your product/service.

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Capture your visitors’ attention immediately

You don’t have much time so get directly to the point.  Your landing page is meant to be a brief space to introduce your new product/service and freebie so you can grab that email address and have a method of directly keeping in touch with your customer.  Your goal should be to not only get that address but to attract that ideal client, you know the client of your dreams. That client that you speak directly to. That client that sees you show up in their email box and they immediately open.  Those are your dream clients.

Time to Convert visitors to forever Clients

Be intentional in your content. Get to the point and sell what you offer.  Let your visitors know how you can help them. Offer your solution, make it clear simple and easy. Grab that email address and stay in touch!! Make sure your visitors are getting what you promised.

So you see the list of items above is just the tip of the iceberg.  I have seen landing pages where you enter your email and picture of what you are getting and that’s it.  Those people are at a point where visitors are already at a maximum and they are staying relevant while maintaining a list.  Take a look next time you find yourself on someone’s landing page.  Pay attention to the steps in their funnel and you are sure to learn why the above three items are important and valuable.

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