Why Backups are a Necessity

Why Backups are a Necessity Backing up is NOT just for cars, your websites should have some sort of backup system. You have heard this time and time again. Backup your favorite pictures, backup your music, and you must backup your website. If your website is a source of income then a backup plan is … Read more

2018 S.M.A.R.T. Goals

The jump-off has finally arrived.  2018 has come in with a blast and what better time to start fresh.  New goals, new tasks, a new outlook and even better a top of the grind mindset.   What are your goals for 2018?  Are you looking to launch a new product/service? Will you invest in cryptocurrency?  Are … Read more

2017 Holiday Marketing Ideas

WPD Media 2017 Holiday Marketing Ideas

Now that October has arrived we are on a downhill slope with 2018 quickly approaching.  Not only is our new year upon us but so is the most festive time of the year, the holidays.  Are you prepared for the holidays?   Have you begun to contemplate your holiday marketing strategy?  What about scheduling your … Read more

We Are What We Repeatedly Do

“We Are What We Repeatedly Do” ~Aristotle This quote stood out to me this morning as I prepared for my Sunday.  My Sunday’s consist of planning for the coming week and reflecting on weeks past.  One important thing that stands out is how habits form and this quote drives home the thought that habits make … Read more

Today is the day

Ever awaken to a moment of sadness.  You feel kinda like you have been on automatic mode for so long and you realize that TODAY is the day that you make that change.  You know all the hopes and dreams you just wish would fall right into place and any negativity in your way will … Read more

Ever hear of Blogo?

If you are not a MAC user then it makes sense why we have not heard of Blogo.  Blogo is a MAC app that allows blog publishing.  Available in the app store, Blogo allows the user to download and install the app on any MAC device and begin publishing a blog post on WordPress, Medium or … Read more