How Dubsado Helps WPD Media Creatively Design Your Web Presence

February 25, 2020
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Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link for Dubsado. If you sign up based on my recommendation, I’ll get a credit. YAY!!!! AND Purchasing via an affiliate link doesn’t cost you anything extra, but does give you a discount on the service.

The internet has made being a business owner super DEE duper fun. Allowing my creativity to flourish along with sharing what I create makes my heart sing. What helps me keep order while singing with my heart, Dubsado!! Here are a couple of ways that Dubsado helps me creatively design your web presence.

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  1. Organization with Dubsado

    Instead of the chaos that existed in my business in the early 2010s, Dubsado allows me to organize my projects, clients, and questionnaires to easily manage my projects. This organization comes into play with automation, workflows, invoicing and the client portal. I have even used Dubsado as my funnel allowing clients to completely run through my funnel all while using Dubsado.

  2. Automation with Dubsado

    It has always been my goal to be as hands-off with my administration duties as possible. From sending “canned emails” (canned emails are emails that are already created, and are used to repetitively respond to emails that come through often) to invoicing I can send out these forms to my clients without having even logged into Dubsado to do so.

  3. Workflows in Dubsado

    My all-time favorite part of Dubsado, the workflows. Mind you it wasn’t until 2019 that I actually totally put a full workflow into play. There is a lot of planning that does go into putting the workflow together. It is your goal to envision the processes your clients will go through. For example, if your client hasn’t responded to a questionnaire, email, appointment request or even provided feedback on a form I can schedule for that email to resend reminding the client.

  4. Dubsado Client Portal

    This space allows me to communicate and share content directly with my clients. From book covers, logos, business cards to content updates my clients can directly see what new items have been updated. this area is private and only accessible to those with the login credentials.

  5. Invoicing with Dubsado

    Sometimes you just want to drop that one invoice off, allow your client to begin their project and start working. Invoicing with Dubsado is best. Dubsado easily integrates with Paypal, Stripe, and Square.


    My absolute favorite thing about Dubsado is automation.  At this very moment, I can create a proposal to send to a prospective client, this proposal will allow my client to choose their options. Once those selections are made the client is taken to the contract for review, after review my clients are able to proceed to pay their invoice, all in one step.  Imagine the time that would save.  Dubsado is so flexible any business can fit it to its’ need.   That’s business life simplified.

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Get started with Dubsado today while the birthday special is running!!!

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WPD Media

WPD Media

Chanel is a self-taught web developer who later went on to get a degree in web design and marketing. Coding caught her attention in 1998 while initially navigating the web trying to make money as a SAHM. In 2004, a major discovery, Photoshop and its ability to be easily used to merge web and graphic design to craft beautiful websites. It is her goal that encompasses the company's slogan "Creatively Designing Your Web Presence" that allows her to continue to pursue her love of creating beauty for the web along with bringing visual branding to life.

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