Hello March

I can’t believe how fast this month has flown by.  The first of the month is always a great starting point to focus on monthly goals and put those tasks in place to accomplish your monthly goals.

WPD Media’s March Focus

Here at WPD, we have a whole lot of fantastic happening here.  YES, I said fantastic because there is a TON going on.  Maintained By Us has launched with new pricing structure, update status and in the coming weeks, we will have weekly reports for those subscribers.  Get 10% on NEW Maintained By Us subscribers using code marchmad.   WPD Hosting upgraded to a new server so faster, more reliable access is here!

As previously stated, I am putting together a graphic design course and TWO WordPress courses.  One for beginners and an advanced course that will go into the “nitty gritty” of WordPress.  The graphic design course will focus solely on business graphics. This includes graphics for social media, graphics for websites and more.  You will be the first to know so keep your eye on the posts.
Have you been searching for Stock Photos, are you looking for the best deal possible without having credits expire. Well check out this deal for  Deposit Photos.  They have the best stock photo vault yet AND you can get 100 credits for just $39 and the credits DO NOT expire!!
Don’t let March get by you too fast.  The end of March = End of quarter.  Are you prepared???  Where would you like to be starting April 1?  What are you doing TODAY to get there??
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