3 Killer Blog Topics to Help You Slay Your Competitors

February 22, 2017

Let’s face it. No matter what industry you are in, the competition is intense. As small businesses rise in the United States it is easy to find yourself tightly wound with your immediate competition and monopolies are rare. In order to succeed and stand out amongst the crowd, you have to find a way to make your business stand out. Being magnetic and memorable are just some ways that you can achieve this feat.

One of the best ways to make certain that your website ranks high on Google is to have an active blog. Maintaining and building a blog has its challenges. With the most challenging part of writing a blog is coming up with content along with maintaining high readership it is especially tricky for business owners to maintain all of the responsibilities that come along with being a business owner.

With that said, we are here to help. We have come up with 3 killer blog ideas templates that you can use to create content that will:

  • Grab people’s attention
  • Attract traffic to your site
  • Entertain, inform, and educate your target audience
  • Grow your business

The goal is to tap into your reader’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. The following FIVE ideas will help you achieve that.

    1. Crafting a buzzword list. BuzzFeed is everywhere and they lead the way out of creating interesting lists with even more wild headlines. It is only human nature that we have the natural tendency to categorize ideas and topics. This is one reason why creating a list is so popular.

List can be made of nearly anything.

      • Dos of Your Niche
      • Don’ts of your niche
      • Best options in a category
      • Worst options in a category

Spinning a list into blog content is easy and there are too many ways to try to get there. The key is to make sure to make your list relevant to your target audience.

      1. The Magnificent How-To

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago a story came out about a lady that built a house HERSELF just using YouTube tutorials? Think about how easy it is to just Google something and learn how to do it. The same is true of your customers. And for that reason, how-to articles are one of the most popular kinds of web content.

Think about your niche and the parts that people would pay to learn more about. For instance if you are blogging about credit repair you might write an article about how to get a boost to your credit score or How to remove negative marks on your credit report. Here again, the key is to put yourself in your reader’s shoes and ask what they want to know how to do.

      1. Craft An Amazing Niche Guide/Worksheet

In this instance, you are THE expert in your industry, and you have deemed your knowledge as a valuable commodity. Why not create the most amazing niche guide for your readers? This guide/worksheet would be a comprehensive guide to a particular topic or skill or provide a fill in the blank method to capture information or thoughts.

An example for using the guide would be outlining different modes of contact for credit agencies if you blog about credit repair. If you are a creative type and want to share your process on how you start your projects from beginning to end, that would make a great guide. The possibilities are endless. The benefit of doing this type of article is that you can update it regularly to keep the content current and it can be a traffic magnet.

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