What does February Mean To You?

 What thoughts come to mind when you February comes?  Do you think how close spring is? Do you think TAX TIME, YAY!  What are your thoughts.  I know for me I immediately get excited about spring.  Spring is my favorite time of year. I love renewal, regrowth, and shedding the past.  Spring is definitely the season to be in.

February also bring Black History Month.  It is a time for all citizens to learn about black history.  Not just the pop culture stuff or what Malcolm X did but learn more about those people that are unknown. Today (2/1/2017) GOOGLE has created a Doodle for black history month featuring Edmonia Lewis  you MUST check that out!

So tell me, what does February mean to you?  What are your goals for February?  Talk to me!  Post a comment!



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