4 Reasons why WPD Media Loves Dubsado

July 27, 2020

WPD Media Loves DubsadoHere we are one again, its the Annual Dubsado Summer Celebration where prices are slashed and more and more people are finding their way to Dubsado and you can too!! Let me tell you just FOUR reasons why WPD Loves Dubsado which helps with a major amount of our business.

Dubsado allows for automation!!

YES, keeps life easy. From initial reach out to project launch Dubsado is heavily involved. By sending logo concepts, forms requesting page content, and my favorite part sending proposals and invoices everything is all set. All I have to do is import information relevant to my client and it’s sent. Just imagine waking up with deposits paid and all of your client’s work is done on their part.

Dubsado calls for creativity and beauty

Proposal Example by WPD MediaAs a creative, there isn’t anything more fun than the ability to customize the hell out of anything and attach my brand. Dubsado allows for customization from the proposal to the forms embedded on a website. You can add images, customize the colors of backgrounds, the input cells in your forms, and more. Take a look at this example of a customized proposal.

Dubsado integrates well with Paypal, Stripe, and Square

Sure there is a charge to process payments, that’s the cost of doing business but when it comes to Dubsado you can create your contract, proposal, and invoice all in one step leaving you hands off and your payments already in your selected processor.

Dubsado’s community and support

Just last week I had an issue connecting my domain to my portal. (You can create a subdomain portal.yourdomain.com that adds more credibility to your business) I received immediate response and within a couple of hours, my domain was reconnected and everything was right in the world.

The Annual Summer Sale runs this week July  Take a look at Dubsado yourself.  Many new businesses exist due to it which lets you know Dubsado is here to stay.  Take Dubsado for a test drive with your FREE use of 3 clients so you can learn how to use the software AND your trial isn’t time-based AND you get full access to the software.  Remember in business the rule to making money is to solve a problem, sell that solution, repeat.

WPD Media

WPD Media

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