Accountability Call

Each month we will meet to discuss your web presence


WPD will update your privacy policy to reflect new changes.


WPD will provide a review of your website and provide and will do our best to repair hacked website.

Thorough Website Checkup

WPD will provide a review of your website and provide suggestions to improve traffic, SEO and other engagement opportunities.


Does your website have a weird error message?  Not displaying properly on different screens, we can help.


Newsletters not making conversions?  Let's chat.


Contains a monthly report of statistics of your website.  


Does your website have a weird error disappear then reappear after an hour?  Get notification.

Submit Change

Submit change requests to include adding images, updating blog posts or adding additional plugin integration.

Social Media

Need graphics or suggestions on how to best present yourself?


A daily backup of your website


WPD Media will scan your website, database, and server to stay on top of any security issues. 


We ensure that the security and performance of your websites are up-to-date

Get Started

Take a look, leave your website care to us!

The web presence success plan incorporates not only the security of your website but we also like to have a monthly strategy session with each of our clients to get an idea of where they are headed.  Even though you may not update your content often your software does update and to keep up with that plus remain in strategy with the business a success plan is highly recommended.  It’s important to keep these up to date on your website to ensure your site is functioning properly and stays secure.

Have a question not listed?

Use the following form to reach out to us so that we can further assist you and we can partner to manage your website together.

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Get connected with one of our website expert agents
Step 2 - Discuss your website management requirements with us.
Once connected you can discuss your website needs & requirements in detail.
Step 3 -Complete your Payment
We’ll start working on your website care plan immediately after your subscription begins.

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