Now is the time for a redesign, so let's work to creatively design your web presence.

Have you been at this quite a while and you just haven't received the type of attention that you expected? When it really comes down to it, it all comes back to not the look and feel of your web presence but are you truly attracting your ideal customer?

Does your current situation look something like this?

You website looks one way on your computer, but on your mobile device it doesn't look as good?

Does your website take forever to load?

Are over your current website and it's just time for something completely new?

Let's work together with a VIP Success Day.

Let's get to the deets.

Here's the why, how, and where of the VIP Success Day.


As a very busy business owner, a VIP Day can eliminate long turnaround times and get your project completed sooner. The VIP Success Day is set up in such a way that allows us to be efficient while delivering a creatively designed web presence. 


A VIP Success Day allows us to totally rid ourselves of distractions which allows for 100% focus on your project.  On the day you select, your project will receive 100% of my attention, and you will need to be accessible for immediate communication and feedback.


Before the project begins, an agenda will be prepared that will outline the estimated timeline for each deliverable to be completed during the course of the project.  Communication will take place throughout the day by text, email, phone calls or even Google Chat/Hangouts.

I Bet You Are Wondering

Can You Get This Done in One Day

You bet we can.  Take a look at the examples of some of our VIP Success Day offering

Website template customization
Is your website ready for a glow-up but you don't have the time to commit to working on the new design? Check out our new shop and one of my new WordPress will fit exactly what you need and I’ll completely customize it for your brand. Fast, easy, and cost-effective.

One page website
From a sales page to a landing page we can make a one-page website that contains your content, sales, book landing page are more.  These pages are a great way to get your product out to the world quickly and with ease.

Website refresh
You like your current website but it needs a couple of touch-ups here and there or maybe a page needs a new layout, I got this.  Let's go.

Website updates
Owning a website is a lot of work.  Adding copy, updating plugins, maintaining security, making sure that your website is still "responsive" after a major software update is a headache.  Let me take that off your hands.  We got this.

Sales Funnel Design

Design lead generating sales page that will allow you to convert your ideal customer

These services can be mixed and matched to fit your needs.

I'm here to creatively design your web presence.

Ready to get started?


Let's talk, for a minute. I want to get to know you and make sure that our VIP Success Day is right for your project. If things are right, the schedule will be sent to you following our call where you can select a day that is convenient to you.


Your VIP Success day starts before our initial work day. We take one hour on the day and time of your chosing to plan out exactly what your expectations are with your project. Your project will be prioritized and we will focus on your task at hand. You day will be scheduled around these tasks.


Yay, it's your VIP day. Your project will receive all my attention. The importance of this day is availability and communication.


I'm always available to assist.  After your project, you receive 30 days of follow-up support by email.  If you have questions, need a quick change, or just want advice, I'm here for you.  

What Our Clients Say

Your Investment


$ 2500
  • 2 hour pre VIP DAY prep (call)
  • Up to (7) hours of my attention
  • LIMITED Two rounds of feedback & revisions
  • Access to the VIP Success Day Portal with Workbook
  • 30 days of support by email/phone (post project)


My schedule is open for a rolling 60-day window.  (calendar days)

Currently, I prefer to work with clients who are in the North American time zones.  All calls will take place at EST.  

Absolutely!  You will receive a discount of 10% on your next booking.  

Absolutely!  A custom design doesn't fit in the VIP day model.  Book a discovery call below to get started. 

If you need to cancel your project after completing the contract and payment, you will receive a 50% refund if you provide at least 14 day notice. If cancellation notice is given less than 14 days before our scheduled date, the payment is non-refundable.

Please note: If you need to reschedule your project date, you are free to do so at no charge within a 30-day period. After the 30-day period expires, you will be charged a $200 rescheduling fee to book a new project date.

I need your brand collateral; logos, photos, copy and any design inspiration you can find. Send as much as your like. Don't forget hosting is required for any web design work, and if you need it I can help with that too. Oh yeah and payment is required.

Most definitely. Every website needs upkeep (no matter the platform) and your website is not excluded. You can take the reigns on your website but if you prefer your time spent where you specialize I can handle that for you. Choose the option during the checkout process and you will be added to the Web Presence Success Plan 31 days after your website launches.

I have implemented a method for you to comment on the design live while I am working. You can leave notes on any changes which helps me speed thru the process.

Initially, our day will begin with a phone call to review where we are starting and where I will be working. I prefer to work with minimal distraction with timed contacts throughout. I will send updates every 90 minutes for follow-up.

My goal is to make this relaxing and easy for you and I prefer to leave you in comfort. You are in good hands here.

Absolutely. I'm here for you.  Hit my contact form and lets discover what you need and how I can help.  

Pages included in the sales funnel are the following: Sales page, Checkout page, Thank You page, Opt-in page, and Upsell page.

Ready to get started? Let's book a discovery call