Three Quick Tips on Discovering Blog Post Ideas

January 12, 2017

Every once in a while there comes a time where every writer, blogger, or business person finds that they have run out of things to write about. There are many solutions to this problem. You can hire someone to come up with ideas for you. You can hire someone to write the content for you, or just write it yourself. These are all great solutions BUT in the way consumers use content, it is more important now to come up with fresh and new content due to short attention spans. Sometimes we just need a little inspiration.

Here are three ways to discover blog post ideas.

  1. Take a look at your favorite magazine.  That magazine doesn’t have to reflect your niche industry.  Nearly any magazine will do. Now take a look at the cover. Write down the headlines as they appear. Chances are they’ll look something like this:
    * The __ secrets to ____
    * Learn how to _____ today
    * ___ tips to ____
    After you have gotten an idea about some of the headlines on the magazine cover, try replacing the keywords with some of your own by filling in the blanks.  Just think, if that magazine has 8 different headlines that is a potential 8 different blog posts topics you can write.
  2. By visiting your favorite social media accounts of businesses and people you follow in your  niche chances are very likely you will find a topic just by browsing some of those pages and reading over posts.
  3. Create a list.  Lists make great conversation starters and are always very well received. If you’re struggling to find content ideas, write down three to five list ideas and tackle them one by one.

With the above tips as outlined you could put together a weeks worth of articles and newsletter topics in little to no time.  All that is needed is a little creativity and some inspiration to get that spark back.

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WPD Media

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