How To Find Your Graphic Designer Match

Graphic design has many elements and the term is interchangeable. Some graphic designers are illustrators, some work in motion but we all know that most often graphic design includes some elements of Photoshop. Graphic design is defined as the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books. All of the mentioned are designed to be eye-catching and appealing, to attract and provide clarity of the vision. Graphic design represents a lot in business as well as in everyday life and having a graphic designer that knows and understands those concepts is certainly one to align yourself with. The real question then becomes how to you find that professional that you want to bring into your business. Here are a couple of tips on how to find the graphic designer match that is right for you.

First, start by determining your project requirements. Will you need a logo with graphic or will you want a text only logo? Are you seeking a designer that has illustration abilities? Have crafted a mood board to guide your into color specifications, patterns of interest, how about inspiration from the competition? The immediate goal here should be to outline your needs and place your values in those needs.

Create a job post. By crafting a job post that outlines all of the details from your project requirements you will start to get some feedback and be able to weed out those that do not pique your interest. Do not forget to include your values. As the feedback comes in keep in mind the following, portfolio, experience, feedback, ratings and professionalism. Does the prospect feedback grab your attention as you intend?

Narrow your results by conducting interviews. Most interviews are now conducted by video but if you are hiring local you can go for the face to face interview. So questions that you can ask to check the mindset of the designer could be along the lines of the current branding campaign. Ask what their thoughts are? What is their typical production timeline? And a favorite question of my own is in my work what makes the perfect project. This will give you insight into the processes, procedures and some values into the inner works of your prospective hire.

Sometimes it takes a couple of interviews but you generally know who will be the best fit. Keep in mind your budget, the overall scope of your project and who will be the ONE answering to the designer.

This should serve as a quick go to for finding and hiring successfully a graphic designer that fits your needs. Have you already hired a designer? Interested in hiring me? Use the following form to get started today.


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