Hello July

July 1, 2018

Welcome to the 2nd Half of 2018!

I began this day wondering what the remainder of this year holds for me. You see late 2017 I found myself in a crisis. I was depressed and I wanted to end it all, it was certainly a wake-up call and I knew something had to be done. 2018 started with me resetting myself. I had to let some things go and boy did I. As I let those things go I noticed a major shift, but I still didn’t feel like old me again so I just took things day by day.

Fast forward to TODAY, I began to feel that anxiety come back. My vacation was so relaxing that my meds took a back seat and now that I am home finding my “rhythm” I’m lost again. Dark thoughts have set in and I gotta restart.

Along with those thoughts came a major enlightening moment. Do I really NOT see myself altogether in the future (6 months from now at least). Then I started to think of those whom I have come to know and appreciate in my life. I now have a vision of where I want to be and I hope you have one too.

Have you given much thought to your 6-month goals? Where do you see yourself starting off 2019? Will you be where you want to be? All of our choices in life are driven by our future visions of ourselves. In those visions, we are richer, healthier, and happier. With that said, what can I do to help you get there?

I’m offering a week of “pick my brain” to get you started. Let’s work together to bring that 6-month vision to fruition! Schedule your “pick my brain” session today.

WPD Media

WPD Media

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