Five Reasons Why Authors
should have an email list?

October 27, 2020
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Don’t believe the hype!!! Email is NOT dead. More than likely you found this post by browsing your email OR through social channels. Either way, email is still the best way to get your book in front of the people who want and need to see it.

The importance of an email list allows you immediate access to your biggest fans when you have a new release. Seasoned authors know that getting the word out doing pre-release is the way to go. Newbies, you may need a guide and I want to provide you with the top FIVE reasons you NEED a mailing list.

  1. You own your email list

    On your website, your social channels, or even through your book you request that your readers subscribe to your newsletter so that they stay in the know. To make it a perk for your reader you could offer a little something like a contest to win an autographed book, or access to a sample copy of a much anticipated follow up to a prior novel, or even to just have access to your speaking/appearance schedule those readers like to get the info directly from you. How about this, a reader finishes your book and enjoyed it. There should be a way that your readers can be in touch with you.

  2. You DO NOT own your social media spaces

    Sure we are all active on our social networks, we enjoy the engagement and our fans are there. You may even sell a couple of copies of your book thanks to your social channels but guess what, you don’t own the list of people who you have access to on that channel. So you see, those social channels allow you usage but all it takes is one out of the norm attempt to contact and someone reports some weird activity and your page is GONE. How do you recuperate those lost contacts?? YEP the email list, that’s where it should be. I’m not saying don’t use social media, I am saying use it as a platform to build relationships and engagement BUT don’t make it your primary location of business because you can’t own it.

    Check out my post about creating social pages right on your own website. 

  3. There are FREE options to build your email list

    There are many free platforms that allow you to start building a following. MailChimp and MailerLite are great places to start. They allow you to start for free. MailChimp has many limitations while MailerLite is more flexible and gives more on the free account. Take advantage of these free accounts (they aren’t trials) and use it to learn how a newsletter works, how to setup automation (check out our blog post on automation)

  4. Build trust with your email list

    Choosing a schedule that works for you will help you be consistent. Your readers will look forward to your emails. Knowing that there is a true voice behind the books you write your readers will appreciate your honesty. Each of your readers will open your newsletter and feel that you are speaking directly to them. By building this trust with your readers, you will gain authority. Think of the social media influencers, they can say they use blue air to wash her hair and people will search the web to find the blue air. People appreciate trust and authority figures and as a published author your readers will see you as an authority speaking in your genre or topic.

  5. Be consistent with your readers

    Consistency is nearly the key to all production values. When trying to move forward and gain traction in any segment of life doing it over and over again time and time again leads to greatness. This same thing applies to your email list. This is the time to get your readers used to seeing you. Even if you write just to say hi or share a current blog post your readers will look forward to it.

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There’s money in that there list. Yep, it’s pure gold. You own it, it’s yours. You can take it from platform to platform as long as you have your subscriber’s permission. In case you didn’t know, I meant your email list. Use this opportunity to personalize your contact with your readers. They have come to you because they are either a fan and see you as an authority in your genre.


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