Clubhouse is a Hit so why aren’t you on it??

March 1, 2021

If you have been living under a rock the past couple of m months then you are probably missing out on the next big thing in social media, CLUBHOUSE!!! If you have an Apple device you can enjoy yourself in the many rooms related to topics of your choosing. I have spent entirely too many hours listening to arguments, nonsense, comedy and even some 18+ rated stuff that kinda tripped me out. And before your mind goes there, NO we aren’t talking acts of sex. LOL

One thing is for sure about Clubhouse, it’s the greatest way to network, build a following and market your business. It appears everyone is a guru, nerd, or coach of some sort so drop in listen, and learn. Clubhouse is your best opportunity to connect to an audience in a grand way.

Here are a couple of more tips for using Clubhouse to grow your brand.

1. Lurking isn’t necessarily a bad thing

One thing I really enjoy about clubhouse is your ability to drop in and listen and kind of lurk. It’s a good way to get your footing, learn the lingo, and start to understand how the app works. Some rooms and rules are different and you gotta listen sometimes to catch on but once you are in, you are in.

2. Networking by Audio

As I originally mentioned, networking is a top benefit of using Clubhouse. Connect with people you hope to learn from, listen in those rooms that you find interesting. One of my faves has been the comedy rooms. I know within 60 secs of landing in the room I’m going to laugh. That’s certainly a great way to start a journey into the depth that is Clubhouse.

3. Stay Grounded

I know 100% for certain, I’m going to learn something when I land in a room on Clubhouse. I knew going into a tech-focused career/business it would be important to be a life learner and it’s my goal in life to learn something daily and Clubhouse is set up for that. As I write this, I’m in a room discussing the “Blackness of Black British and Black Americans” talk about a very interesting convo. It’s eye-opening, especially for those who aren’t aware that there is a difference in upbringing and culture.

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4. Did you know that Clubhouse started with VCs (venture capitalists) in mind?

There are many folks with money sitting on Clubhouse waiting for the next big idea. Got an idea, an interesting story to tell, a book, a movie script, a new tech idea get it going you can find some interesting characters on Clubhouse that are just waiting to invest in YOU.

5. Cuz it’s fun, DUH!

I love a good laugh (as I previously mentioned) but I always enjoy myself, so much so that my AirPods die in the middle of a good session. Talk about upsetting, but it is so fun to find something of interest and share that same interest with so many people.

Just think, you listening, they listening, you create a room and attract your ideal clients and they show up and spend money with you! Your business grows, your wallet grows, your heart smiles your family happy, you are happy and gold has landed in your lap thanks to CLUBHOUSE. How fun!

Are you on Clubhouse, give me a follow @wpdmedia.Do you have a room, send me an invite, I will show up.

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WPD Media

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