Dubsado Love

Here’s a time where I am proud to brag. I really hate bragging because I just feel like I am doing too much but this is one time I am

Hello July

Welcome to the 2nd Half of 2018! I began this day wondering what the remainder of this year holds for me. You see late 2017 I found myself in a

Why Backups are a Necessity

Why Backups are a Necessity Backing up is NOT just for cars, your websites should have some sort of backup system. You have heard this time and time again. Backup

2018 S.M.A.R.T. Goals

The jump-off has finally arrived.  2018 has come in with a blast and what better time to start fresh.  New goals, new tasks, a new outlook and even better a

2017 Holiday Marketing Ideas

Now that October has arrived we are on a downhill slope with 2018 quickly approaching.  Not only is our new year upon us but so is the most festive time

Ever hear of Blogo?

If you are not a MAC user then it makes sense why we have not heard of Blogo.  Blogo is a MAC app that allows blog publishing.  Available in the

How To Find Your Graphic Designer Match

Graphic design has many elements and the term is interchangeable. Some graphic designers are illustrators, some work in motion but we all know that most often graphic design includes some