We Are What We Repeatedly Do

“We Are What We Repeatedly Do” ~Aristotle

This quote stood out to me this morning as I prepared for my Sunday.  My Sunday’s consist of planning for the coming week and reflecting on weeks past.  One important thing that stands out is how habits form and this quote drives home the thought that habits make a better man when habits reflect self-progression.

It is only human nature that we want to move forward and advance ourselves.  Just think of the pace of the world just 100 years ago and fast forward to today where we can nearly have anything our hearts desire in an instant.

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Shiny object syndrome is certainly a way to take you out of your habit and into a black hole of I love this, wouldn’t it be cool if I could, OR even I have time to do….yeah we all have been there but with concrete habits comes focus, productivity, and accomplishment.

What accomplishments do you hope to accomplish during the month of September?  Where do you see yourself on October 1st? Do you have business goals and personal ones?  I know for me, one of my goals is to develop better writing habits so that I can blog with efficiency.  My second goal is to try to work out before I find myself at my desk. What are some ways you try to avoid shiny object syndrome?

Feel free to share with me your goals and ways you stay on task.




Today is the day

Ever awaken to a moment of sadness.  You feel kinda like you have been on automatic mode for so long and you realize that TODAY is the day that you make that change.  You know all the hopes and dreams you just wish would fall right into place and any negativity in your way will be removed. Well, TODAY is the day that you set yourself on the path to declaring all of your hopes and dreams.  If you haven’t declared your desires well GET ON IT, DOG GONE IT!  There’s no better time than the present.

See I awoke this morning feeling really dark and sad.  I’m talking like total cloudy with a chance of a serious killer thunderstorm kinda darkness.  That is totally not me.  So you see, this time last year I made a choice for my business in thinking that I could pursue a different revenue stream and BOY was I wrong.  This idea was in the grand scheme of things a big change but not in the right direction.  It totally stole my focus from what I love.  Things got to a point where I couldn’t even stand to be on my computer. For those that know me well, know if I am home I am either cooking, watching TV, or I am at the computer.  This was very unacceptable because that new “‘revenue stream” negatively impacted my cash flow and I was not feeling an ounce of that.

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SO TODAY is my day of change.  I went to check my email and the subject line of the 2nd email on my list was….”STUCK IN A JOB YOU HATE”.  I couldn’t make this up.  I know now I am on my true path.  You can now imagine that what I was feeling was related totally to that and on this day I VOW to remove negativity from my life.  By removing that revenue stream from my life and breathing new life into WPD, I can further expand my business and get out and network. My new friends, clients, and business partners are out there and we have a lot to offer each other.  Want to learn more about my offers?  Stay tuned as August will be the month of the new Jump Off.  It’s time to set it off and get business rolling.  2018 will be here before we know it and I REFUSE to start a year without having at least checked something off my list.

Want to learn more about my offers?  Stay tuned as August will be the month of the new Jump Off.  It’s time to set it off and get business rolling.  2018 will be here before we know it and I REFUSE to start a year without having at least checked something off my list.  Don’t forget to subscribe.  Until next time….never fear the darkness just navigate your way thru it.

Ever hear of Blogo?

Blogo 406 Error Fix for WordPressIf you are not a MAC user then it makes sense why we have not heard of Blogo.  Blogo is a MAC app that allows blog publishing.  Available in the app store, Blogo allows the user to download and install the app on any MAC device and begin publishing a blog post on WordPress, Medium or even Blogger.

Connecting Blogo to WordPress has been a chore for many, so today we will focus on an error message that has been given WordPress users issues. It appears while attempting to connect your WordPress blog with Blogo an error message rears it’s ugly head.  You may have come across the following error message:

“The operation couldn’t be completed. (HTTP error 406)”

This means that the application isn’t able to make a connection to your WordPress blog. To remedy this situation it does take some advanced steps. If you have a web designer/developer it is best to reach out to them for assistance otherwise, continue to follow along.

Fix the 406 Mod Security Error in Blogo

Head to your hosting account and login to your Cpanel. Once in scroll down till you are in the SECURITY group and choose MOD SECURITY.

Fix Blogo 406 Error step 1

Select the DOMAIN you are working with.

Fix Blogo 406 Error step 2

Click Update.

Fix Blogo 406 Error step 3

You have correctly changed your settings and can begin using Blogo on your Apple device.  Need more assistance?  Would you rather us handle that task for you. Go on over to Maintained By Us, our WordPress concierge service where we handle all things WordPress for you.

eBook Marketing Simplified

Here’s a big fear we all have when it comes to writing a book: What if no one buys it?
While that is always possible, with a little planning and advanced buzz, it’s highly unlikely. The key is to get others excited about your book and to get them talking and sharing the news with their friends.

Host a Rockin’ Launch Party

Weeks before your official publication date, it’s time to start revving up the launch engine. Offering bonuses for early purchases, incentives for a review, and free chapter downloads are all proven strategies for building the buzz for your upcoming book.
There’s a lot of moving parts in a successful book launch—landing pages, mailing lists, blog tours, social outreach, book trailers and so much more.

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Take the blog tour

Two to three months prior to your book release, have your assistant begin researching podcasts, blogs and other media outlets for potential interviews. Create a press package to send out, including headshots, book cover art, blurbs, and testimonials, and let everyone know that you’re looking for interviews and guest posting opportunities.

Toot your OWN horn

You are your own best publicist; so don’t be afraid to shout it out from the rooftops, in your email newsletter, and on social media. Include images of the cover, blurbs from advance readers, and give your audience plenty of time to get excited about the upcoming launch, so when the buy button finally goes up they’re eager to get a copy.

Boosted Posts

Facebook is a terrific way to get new eyes on your book. Paid ads leading to your launch page are ideal and can generate a lot of traffic for a very low cost.

Free Kindle Days

This technique alone can catapult your book to bestsellerdom in a matter of days. The key is to build up a buzz on your mailing list, share, share, share on social media, and ask your friends and colleagues to do the same.

Book marketing isn’t as easy as simply listing it on Amazon and becoming an instant bestseller. Anyone who tells you that is the exception to the rule. But that doesn’t mean selling your book is impossible either. With some strategic planning and a little effort, you can have a fantastic launch, whether it’s your first book or your fourteenth.

Where Would You Be Now If You Started A Year Ago?

Just imagine, that big idea you had in April 2016 you would be a year ahead NOW if you had started then. SOOO What stopped you?  Where are you in your plan?  Were your plans derailed by life, maybe even death?  It’s hard to get around some of the BS that gets tossed out when you are focused on the goal at hand and every once in a while that curve ball is thrown into either redirect your attention OR push you even further to focus on your goal at hand.

Where are you and your business headed? Do you have a planned trajectory?  Who is your target market?  Have you decided on a niche?  so many questions so much to do but if you start today in 6 months you will look back and know that you started at the right time.

Why aren’t you using WordPress?

In my experience as a developer, many web design trends come and go. As quick as they rear their head they vanish into thin air without a trace.  If you were around during the Web 2.0 phase of web design and development you know of the change from extremely bland websites to the conscious brand attempting to capture the audience with interactive content. Remember flash websites and the cliche’s sites with music. Those are so far gone.  Would you be excited to learn that WordPress also existed at that time. It has gone under a couple of different names and has evolved in the same way the internet has.

Did you know that is NOT just a blogging platform? That ship sailed YEARS ago when many business owners decided to use WordPress not only as a blogging platform but as a content management system.  Did you know there are other content management systems that WordPress has pushed to the back by making itself the go-to platform for many web developers??

With the focus so heavily weighed on blogging and content creation, it is no wonder that WordPress stands to gain a huge following.


There are some major brands that take advantage of WordPress.   CNN’s blogs are built on WordPress, as are Reuters’, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. Mashable, The Next Web, and The New Yorker are also all built on WordPress.  That goes to show how much of an asset WordPress is not only to content publishers but the media as well.

My reason for using WordPress is the ease of use alone.  Did you know that the WPD Media lead time from inquiry to site launch is less than 2 weeks AND If the prospective client has their content together a website can be completed in less than 48 HOURS!!!

Why not get started with WordPress today!  Reach out to us for a consultation and we will guide you towards that finish line.