Prepare your website with these 5 Quick Tips for your book launch

May 25, 2021
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How exciting!! The day is near to show off your latest book by launching your new masterpiece and your audience is eager to engage and consume your content. What better way than making a huge splash all over social media and driving all of that great traffic directly to your website, your home in the digital realm! Provided below are 5 QUICK tips you should consider when your next book launch is ready to go live.

Use announcement banner for your book launch

An announcement banner is a great way to immediately capture the attention of your audience. As soon as they land on your website the announcement banner lets your visitors know that your new book is ready and it’s calling their name.

Create an exit-intent (pop-up)

Using a popup to give visitors another chance before they leave. It’s a great idea to show your book launch at least once more before your visitor exits your website. The likelihood of your visitor coming right to the website to grab your new offering is pretty high so they won’t find it as annoying if the popup shows up.

Wondering what an exit-intent popup is??  An exit-intent popup shows up when the visitor attempts to leave the page. This is usually tracked by moving the mouse up towards the X to close out the browser or to scroll up after scrolling to the bottom of the page. 

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Showcase lower-cost offerings

Add the lower prices to products and ensure all promo codes are working. This one isn’t necessarily related to your new masterpiece but can be relevant when doing an upsell or cross-selling your current offerings. Imagine your reader is there for your latest release but didn’t know there were additional offerings in the series, now you can upsell by offering the boxset! Use that option to partner your offerings.

Bling out your sale items

Add sale stickers to your product photos (make sure they’re clickable, too!) Aren’t sale stickers pretty! It’s a good idea to make those look great and capture the attention of your audience. by making those stickers appealing your readers will grab your offering without a second thought.

Create a sense of urgency

Create a sense of urgency with a countdown clock or messaging that teases the sale will end soon, this starts the FOMO phase of your announcement. Everything has a shelf life but when you place that time limit in your visitor’s field of vision they know for sure they must act now or miss out.

Don’t just make an announcement, create buzz by using your most visited page on your website to drive traffic to your new offering!! Wondering what that page is, if you are on the Web Presence Success Plan your stats are easily available and ready for you to use and drive traffic. If you aren’t, it’s time for you to sign up TODAY!! Not sure what the Web Presence Success Plan is, click to learn more.

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